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This page contains links to several utilities packages created by Steve Pritchard and published into the public domain.

These utilities represent my contribution to the public domain community as a thanks and acknowledgement to the many contributors that went before.

The following table gives a brief summary of each along with link locations that have details and download instructions.

PackageDescriptionStatusTechnologyDetails PageDownloadGitHub Source
SAMCAS Implements a cascaded version of the SAM pattern as proposed by Jean-Jacques Dubray and explained at Ready July 2020 Web Development SAMCAS Details download samcas src
WriteExcel Package that supplements the Apache POI package Ready Java and Apache POI Library WriteExcel Details download WriteExcel Src
PSEC Package that contains a significant wrapper to Powershell Beta Release March 2023 Powershell PSEC Documentation See documentation


GAEL Package that contains an extensive Google AppEngine infrastructure boost Pending Java, Google AppEngine GAEL Interim Details n/a


YAPP NodeJS parameter parser Released 2013 NodeJS YAPP Details Use GitHub GitHub Src
NetClip Local network wide clipboard extender Released 2014 Java NetClip Details Use GitHub GitHub Src

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