PSEC - Powershell Enhanced Capability
home      Version: 1.0.2
This is undergoing final QA testing and will be available shortly.

A set of additional functions for Powershell including a robust GUI facility

This package provides a set of routines that enhance PowerShell. They include:

  1. Addition commands to supplement Powershell

  2. A GUI system

  3. A comprehensive Workflow package based on the GUI

  4. A GUI configurator engine to build the workflows with

  5. Restart facilities to aid in developing scripts and classes

  6. A built-in documentation system (what you are reading)

  7. Working examples to use as a basis for further development

Workflow Details

The Workflow facility allows for:
  1. A sequence of tasks to be defined

  2. When a task is run it succeeds or fails

  3. Task runtime options can be easily managed and passed to the processor

  4. Task dependencies allow for subsequent tasks to be blocked until a dependent task succeeds

  5. Tasks produce a Brief, a summary file that summarizes what happened

  6. Tasks executed by Java, NodeJS, script or manual means are supported. More can be easily added.

  7. The log file is easily viewable as are the task setup.

Sample Workflow Displays

With a Brief

A failed Step

GUI Configurator Details

The GUI Configurator is an internal GUI application that is used to configure other GUI applications including Workflows.

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