PSEC - Powershell Enhanced Capability
Version 1.2.1

PSEC - GUI Capability


PSEC makes extensive use of the WPF Forms Objects to provide convenient GUI facilities.

What is Provided

  1. Implementations of the standard Forms components. See Form

  2. A basic layout manager that handles most needs. See Layout Algorithm

  3. A tabbed page component. See TabPanel

  4. An ability to extend the class definitions to add custom logic and widgets.

  5. A convenient set of logging facilities as described in PSEC - Logging Facilities.

  6. A development environment which incorporates the PSEC - Restart Facility so that changes can be quickly installed with a minimum of keystrokes.

  7. Sample applications. See PSEC - Reference Examples.

GUI Modes

The GUI has 2 modes of running based on the gui CMD parameters.

  1. With a console - useful for development as the hlogBoth are displayed.

  2. Without a console - useful in production to minimize screen clutter with only essential windows open.


Refer to the gui CMD and flow CMD.

PSEC - Powershell Enhanced Capability

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