PSEC - Powershell Enhanced Capability
Version 1.2.1

PSEC - Logging Facilities

PSEC contains several logging facilities to aid in problem resolution or auditing of results.

Console Level Logging

Test can be written to the consoles. If the console does not exist (as in a pure GUI application) the console writes are discarded.

The helper functions hlog, hlogWarn, hlogErr and hlogBoth are provided that output to the console.

In addition the hilite allows coloured text to be sent to the console.

File Level Logging

For assistance in creating GUI applications the helper function dlog writes to a file managed by a DLogObj object kept in a global variable DLOG.

Workflow Logging

Each Workflow Workflow Setup File and Task Execution Script can use the Console Level Logging. In addition each Task run produces the

2. Task Logging

Each Task Execution Script can use the Task method to write to the

PSEC - Powershell Enhanced Capability

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