PSEC - Powershell Enhanced Capability
Version 1.2.1

GUI Implementation Overview


The PSEC GUI capability is implemented using the WPF Forms Objects as the Windows interface.

The base object from which all GUI objects are subclassed is the Elem Object.

The Gizmo Object represents actual interface elements commonly referred to as Widgets. In HTML parlance these are the input elements such as a checkbox, input field or text box.

The Area Object represents containers equivalent to HTML divs. They can contain Gizmo Objects or other Area Objects.

The design follows the Java AWT model in which a wrapper object connects to the Peer Object that is the actual WPF Forms Object.

The peer.tag field points back at the Elem Class object and the elem.peer field points at the corresponding Peer Object.

Peer Object

Each Gizmo Object uses an equivalent WPF Forms Object as its Peer object. This is specified in the documentation for each Gizmo implementation.

The Area Object uses the Panel Object as its Peer.

PSEC - Powershell Enhanced Capability

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