PSEC - Powershell Enhanced Capability
Version 1.2.1

PSEC - Reference Examples


The PSEC distribution contains an abundance of reference samples that can be used to build new workflows, Cmds or classes.

The example shown are a rudimentary list. As other examples are added this section will be enhanced to contain search & filter mechanism.

copying context values into description
The description will pick up and display the current context values for `cycleNo` and `month

multiple option types`
This runs before the *params* function and the results are passed to it.

passing values in global map
Used to test for the creation of a file by the previous step

run context script
This example increases the `cycleNo` whenever the *runScript* function is run.

set context with `cycleNo` and `month`
This runs after the *params* function

set options with `month` and starting `cycleNo`
This runs before the *params* function and the values set here are passed to it.

set parameters with current date
The *brief* variable is set so that the *primeContextTask* has access to it.

start concurrent background job
Used to remove an old file and create a new file after a specified delay. The configuration file provided the delay seconds. The task sends a notification when the file has been created.

use of run-generic-script
Used to simulate the processing of the created file

PSEC - Powershell Enhanced Capability

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